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Behavioral Biometrics

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Cybersecurity is one of the most pressing challenges that organizations currently face.

Every day, new threats appear. Old security practices are slowly failing; new technologies are required to thwart attacks. The most promising of these is behavioral biometrics—a revolutionary, privacy-friendly method for authenticating users that is transforming the security industry.

You’ve probably encountered traditional biometric authentication already in smartphone fingerprint readers and face scanners. You’ve probably also heard concerns about traditional biometric technologies and their implications for privacy and safety—as well as some of the ways in which they can be fooled.

Behavioral biometrics takes the strengths of traditional biometrics technologies and eliminates the weaknesses and concerns that surround them. It does this by ending the reliance on body parts or records of activity, instead analyzing unique micro-patterns in movement—patterns that are unique, impossible to duplicate or fabricate, and that can’t be used to discover a person’s identity—only to authenticate it.

How does it work? What does this technology—which likely represents the future of authentication—hold for your business? This guide is designed to show you.

We generally advise a layered, orchestrated and risk-adjusted approach, combining passive methods, and as device profiling and behavioral biometrics, with traditional data." Aaron Press, Director, Market Planning Fraud and Identity, Lexis Nexis​

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