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Use Splunk with Plurilock™.

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Connect Plurilock™ to Your SIEM to Multiply Effectiveness



Splunk® is a leading SIEM and data platform used by IT, security, and DevOps teams, serving over 15,000 customers in 110 countries.

▶  Chart and visualize periods of high risk

▶  Correlate behavioral-biometric identity failures with Windows event logs

▶  See interactive risk events without the noise of non-interactive processes

▶  Plot safe and unsafe process chains across multiple systems

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IBM Security™ QRadar® delivers deep security intelligence and analytics to enterprises that require meaningful insight into and monitoring of their environment and ongoing threat landscape.

▶  Ingest DEFEND risk data with QRadar®

▶  Filter, report, and act on high-risk events

▶  Enhance and focus threat insights

▶  Deepen situational and risk awareness

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ELK Stack

ELK Stack or Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana Stack, is an open-source bundle of tools designed to ingest data from any source and then to enable users to search, analyze, and visualize that data in real time. This makes ELK a natural fit for SIEM applications.

▶  Ingest DEFEND risk data with ELK

▶  Filter, report, and act on high-risk events

▶  Maintain environment-wide awareness

▶  Leverage DEFEND flexibly

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Achieve true zero trust.

Enrich your SIEM data with invisible biometric identity.
Track high-fidelity alerts about people—not credentials, accounts, or activities.


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